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[ROCKaBLOCK] is a lifestyle brand that makes inspiring products for inspired people. Our collection of apparel and accessories highlight the richness and depth of Black culture through thought-provoking design.

Artist Rockland Page founded [ROCKaBLOCK] in 2017 from the basement of his home in Northwest Indiana. He had already been an accomplished graphic designer working for the likes of Ebony & Jet Magazines as well as the Chicago Tribune, but he desired more from his career than just a paycheck.

He began designing T-shirts as a creative outlet and this hobby quickly grew into a full-blown business. After gaining success and a significant following in Indiana and Chicagoland, Rockland decided to move operations out of his home and opened his first brick and mortar shop in Merrillville, IN.

[ROCKaBLOCK] is quickly gaining national attention as orders have been shipped to over 30 states! The brand has also been featured on several Chicago media outlets including ABC7 Chicago Morning News, NBC5 Chicago and most recently a feature in Daytime Chicago on WGN.

Our customers value our unique designs and our mission of highlighting racial equity and preserving our history. 

Join the movement by supporting our brand!

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